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From: (Kenneth McVay OBC)
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Subject: Lemire & Rimland Paid by Ernst Zundel
Date: 17 Oct 1997 18:03:42 GMT

October 17, 1997

Holocaust denier's wife says Ernst Zundel exercised "complete control" over California "Zundelsite"

TORONTO. Mrs. Irene Zundel, estranged wife of Canada's Ernst Zundel, testified this afternoon before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. The Tribunal learned that Mrs. Zundel took an active role in assisting her husband, often helping him with the preparation of his "Power Letters" through research and word processing, and helping him monitor content on his California web site.

Zundel, who has been charged under a section of the Canadian Human Rights Act which prohibits use of telephone lines to expose an identifiable group to hatred, has denied ownership or control of the site, attributing it instead to California's Ingrid Rimland.

Rimland, according to Mrs. Zundel, has all of her expenses covered with respect to the web site, including "Four to five hundred dollars (US) a month" for the website itself, and receives a monthly cheque, signed by Ernst Zundel, in the amount of three thousand (US) dollars.

Rimland, in her sworn affidavit filed with the Federal Court of Canada last December, had offered sworn testimony that she was "...the creator, designer, editor and primary electronic columnist of the Zundelsite. All documents which appear on the Zundelsite are prepared ... by me...", and said that she "did not recall consulting Mr. Zundel" with respect to the name of the site.

Rimland also stated, under oath, that she had "...sole control over the password to the Zundelsite," adding that "Through this password I access the site to make changes, additions, deletion or graphic alterations to the Zundelsite which I do on a regular basis."

[See for the full text of Rimland's sworn affidavit.]

According to Mrs. Zundel, however, Toronto's Marc Lemire, also apparently paid by Mr. Zundel, often posted audio and video files to the site from Toronto. She also asserted that Mr. Lemire was responsible for emailing "Zgrams" and posting them to the California site when Ms. Rimland was traveling.

The content of the "Zgrams," according to Mrs. Zundel, was controlled by Ernst Zundel himself; she described disagreements between Ms. Rimland and her husband, saying that Zundel was "not happy" with many of Rimland's political views and personal comments. She described an instance which made it clear that Ms. Rimland did not like the "approval process," in which numerous faxes would be sent between Ontario and California, and sometimes complained bitterly.

When questioned about the others with access to the site, she stated that Greg Raven, of the California-based "Institute for Historical Review," a well known source of material denying the Holocaust, had been responsible for making Zundel's site more manageable and "easier to mirror." She also said that Zundel sometimes received invoices from mirror site operators, which he would reimburse them for.

Mrs. Zundel's testimony ended with a description of Ernst Zundel's decision to grant Ingrid Rimland copyright control over web documents, in the belief that doing so would protect him from criminal liability in Canada.

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