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Ernst Zundel's Flying Saucers
The Dog & Pony Show

[UseNet Headers deleted] responds to a request for a source for claims regarding Ernst Zündel's Flying Saucer tract: (WolfsHook3) writes:

Do any of you who constantly cite this UFO crap have a source that I can verify this with?

Rosenberg replys:

Again, shookie-babe: call Zundel's 800 number, and ask him; it'll be right from the horse's ass himself.

However if you want a source, I refer you to ANTISEMITISM IN CANADA edited by Professor Alan Davies from the University of Toronto. Chapter 10 written by Historian Manuel Prutschi pg 256 states: "In 1977, he [Zundel] demonstrated his originality by producing some tracts claiming that UFOs were Hitler's secret a weapon: a weapon still in use and being refined in secret bases in the Antarctica and below the earth's surface....Zundel penned this material under his quasi-pseudonym of Christof Friedrich. With characteristic puffery, his flyer described himself, i.e., Friedrich, as 'the multi-lingual globetrotting author' who was 'in great demand as a lecturer and panelist on UFO and psychic matters'."

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