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Power Letter: June 1994

POWER Newsletter (Ernst Zu"ndel) June 26, 1994

Provided by John Corrigan <>


Keeping the finger in the dyke? Or brooming back the incoming tide.?

TO MY FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD: We revisionists are making so many strides, in so many places, it is difficult to know where to begin, with all the good news breaking out so fast!

The most important news of immediate and temporary, but good, impact is that the West-German Upper House, the Bundesrat, has voted down, at least for the time being, the series of laws called the "Verbrechensbeku"mpfungsgesetz" - in short, a hodge-podge of Anti-Crime legislation, which included the "Auschwitz-Lie" Law.

This law would legislate that you have to believe that 6 million Jews were exterminated by the Germans, chiefly by means of gas chambers during WWII in Poland and elsewhere!

Earlier parliamentary study groups and legal experts, as well as law professors, had dealt with the thomy [sic] constitutional issues raised by these repressive laws conceming freedom of speech and unfettered scientific enquiry. These are supposedly part and parcel of Germany's democratic system, imposed by the Allies in 1948 through their "Basic Law", which is similar to that of Israel, which also has no constitution, but operates also under a Basic Law. One wonders if that's a coincidence? - considering that both non-constitutions were basically influenced, if not drawn up mostly by Jewish academics from America.

So, for the moment, the Bundesrat has turned down Helmut Kohl's Christian Democratic Party's "Crime-Bill" because they found it to be hastily drawn up, reactionary in nature, giving the police and thus the state far too many sweeping and intrusive powers violating civil rights.

Apparently a committee of the Lower House and Upper House will study this matter to see if there is room for compromise and adoption in a milder form, etc.!

This gives Revisionists a window of opportunity to contact all the people we have sent you addresses for! You can write as many letters and/or postcards as you like. Try to have that Bill scuttled. We have won only a reprieve or temporary respite - the Holocaust Lobby work like termites, silently, incessantly, without pause. That has been their method from day one - and will be their style till the end of time. They are people whose second nature is *subversive* since they are basically cultural aliens in our midst.

They preach universalism - in the service of their own tribalism. Frequently their double standard is blatant. But their influence and near-total control of the media permits them to carry on their rapacious assault on the remnants of Westem civilization's founding traditions and governmental institutions as well as European ideas.

From them, who spawned and prompted situational ethics, and the Communist idea that "Truth is what the Party says it is" and not what the facts are - you can expect very little else!

The "Holocaust" is their myth, therefore otherwise intelligent men and women of learning and good education would not dare to say that "The Holocaust is not debatable" in the same breath that they want everythinly else debated, such as "Is God dead?", abortion, Gay rights, homosexual marriage, etc. (something not clear in this sentence) That's what our friends have to understand! The Holocaust to the Jewish Lobby, does not mean a "Moment" or even a "Period in History", as it is to Gentiles. To them it means power to impose their concepts, their truths, their fanciful, nonsensical tales of perversion, debauchery, corruption and wanton ethnic violence - as promoted in the novel and film "Schindler's List" - as facts of history! Not because they are the facts - even they know that they are spreading emotional accounts of fictional events - but to them the Holocaust has become the yardstick by which they measure their influence over Gentile intellectuals and institutions, such as schools, universities, cinemas, the movie industry and lately even the courts!

They are rapacious, all-devouring, in their lust to dominate the curricula, the content of textbooks and lately increasingly even the content of entertainment, and teaching and training manuals, which include their anti-German Holocaust Propaganda in the Army, Navy and the Airforce as well!

Unless and until we appreciate these tactics of our sworn enemies, we will never be completely successful in defending ourselves and our institutions against this alien onslauqht.

Like some other leading revisionists, I thought that we finally had these people cornered when the results of Leuchter's examinations in Auschwitz proved the ludicrousness of their claims. I thought that finally there was a chance of organised Jewry and their liberal dupes and fellow travellers to begin their retreat to normalcy, away from their mendacious, permanent blood libel against the German people with the Holocaust Lie. Well, I was wrong!

These people are what the Canadian Criminal Code defines as "wilfully blind". They can no longer claim that they have not been apprised of the real, scientifically provable and verifiable forensic facts of history such as what happened in places like Auschwitz and what did not.

They verbally and physically attack the bearers of the good news that millions of Jews did in fact not die in "gassings" on an industrialized conveyer-belt like scale, but that in fact most survived the war and went on living in other parts of the world, often under newly assumed names on distant continents - which is nothing new in the Jewish experience.

Thus - let me caution you - I spent 100 minutes with Mike Wallace, an intelligent, seasoned veteran reporter, an investigative reporter, as he called himself. I certainly showed him the glaring inconsistencics of the Holocaust story. Frequently I left him exasperated, and two or three times speechless during the interview. I left with "60 Minutes", that is, him and his staff of researchers and with Barry Landau the producer, all the documents and stacks of books from Allied sources to prove, even to a simple or stupid man, that the Holocaust is an amalgam and concoction of fanciful tales of Jewish and Allied propalandists.

No one could fall to be persuaded by the weight of the arguments and the documents. Only deliberate, wilful blindness could be the reason why a man like Mike Wallace and his team of investigative reporters would be concocting a grotesque farce, like they did with my Holocaust-related interview on the "60 Minutes" program on March 20 1994.

We are where we are in this debate only because "Racketeers" in hatred have taken over the writing of history since Adolf Hitler first started out to blow the whistle on these destroyers of Westem Civilization, whose chief weapon and stock-in-trade have been and are a finely spun web of is half-truths, outright lies, distortion and premeditated, preplanned forgeries.

Thus we have to understand that the Great Holocaust Debate now raging is a struggle not only for the rehabilitation of the German people, their leaders, institutions and role in recent history. It is also a Litmus Test of great magnitude and global proportions for Jews and liberals, to see if they have the will and decency to free themselves from their deepseated prejudices about things German or Nazi, and find their way back, through the minefields of their own lies, to a normalcy of mind, now sadly lacking in them and missing from the debate. We have to speak "by them" or "through them", to get at the audience beyond them.

It is not the Holocaust Lobby that we must aim to convince. Most of them are too set in their ways or too prejudiced or blinkered to look at anything else with an open mind. We must treat them as the "excuse", and deal with the great mass of normal people who listen to debates, talkshows, symposia, etc.

True, we are making inroads! But we should re-double our efforts.

Orthdoxy in every field of endeavour always uses the instruments and willing tools of the politically correct. We are the live, the creative thinkers in the field of history. We can present our viewpoint in a thousand different ways and places, and we will be heard and taken seriously.

Canada is an example!

Brian Mulroney, the former Canadian Prime Minister recently spoke in a local synagogue about the importance of free speech to Canadian society. He was the same man whose party went all-out with other party spokesmen during my trials, and whose Minister of Immigration wanted me deported from Canada merely for excercising my "Constitutional Rights".

So -- the former Prime Minister had a late conversion to the cause of Freedom of Speech, but at least he stated to that Jewish audience that in Canada people must have the right to speak their mind on any subject without having to fear prosecution! For Mulroney that's a gigantic leap forward!

Official War History in Canada - a revisionist bombshell:

Two years ago there was a battle raging in Canada because two Canadian film-makers had come to the conclusion that the Allies were deliberately engaged in a policy of mass murder of German civilians, chiefly old people and children in the big cities, by means of terror bombing. The title of the film was "The Valour and the Horror ".

A Jewish "war veteran", Senator Jack Marshall, held Senate hearings into this matter, which were highly publicised. The Royal Canadian Air Force Veterans launched a $500 million law suit against the film producers and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation! A case was launched however, and the judge threw the case out of court in short order. Now the official history, written by government-picked court historians have come to the same conclusion as the much-maligned "McKenna Filmmakers". There is a stunned silence!

The book entitled "Crucible of War" is now on sale to the public. Canada's largest circulation newspaper, the Toronto Star, had one of the McKenna brothers write a devastating review of the book! Devastating to the Canadian militaries and governments' involvement in the genocidal bombing war against the German civilian population.

Finally the facts are out. Canadian complicity in this modern act of barbarism is now "matter of factly" and openly admitted. No one seems embarrassed! No one is being charged with being a War Criminal.

Where is the Jewish Senator and war veteran busybody Marshall? Not a word has been heard from him or the accused Air Force killer pilots! Why? Because the revisionist viewpoint on this genocidal Allied policy has in two years' time become from "anathema" to "official history"!

I believe that this will continue at an ever-accelerating pace in the next few years.

A few years ago Gorbachev and then Yeltsin made it official history - that the Soviets under "Uncle Joe Stalin", notorious Allied Partner-in-Crime, was responsible for the murder of the Polish elite at Katyn in 1940. At Nuremberg, those infamous Kangaroo trials of the German elite, the Allies, against their better judgment and knowledge, charged the Germans with this horrific crime. They lied at every level of Alled society for an- other 45 years about this Soviet, thus Allied crime, and would still be blaming the Germans if the evil empire had not collapsed from within!

The Soviets had "collected" or "coerced" over 4000 signed affidavits from people of the Katyn region, that stated that these witnesses swore under oath that the Germans had committed these terrible crimes. They allegedly "saw" it or at least "knew of it".

The Soviets also executed seven Germnan officers and soldiers after lengthy show trials for these "never committed by them" crimes of "Genocide" against the Polish elite!

Today it's official history that the Western Allies were in bed with such a murderous regime, and that the Germans and Poles were the innocent victims of liars, corrupt military judges and Allied disinformation con-artists, even Presidents and Prime Ministers! Nixon laid a wreath at the Soviet Katyn monument.

Not a nice picture of the lily-white Allied leaders but the revisionist viewpoint won the day. And Dr. Goebbels, who informed the world through "Nazi Propaganda" about the mass murders at Katyn. was proved to have told the truth in 1943 - and the Allies to have lied from day one!

I predict that the same will happen to the Holocaust racket one day. Then all those overpaid prostitutes in the media and academia will be revealed to have been, at best, "suckers" or "useful idiots". Many others will be revealed as deliberate racketeers in hatred and anti-German bigots, who ZZZ deliberately closed their eyes to new facts, new discoveries, and new thinking and interpretations about events, dates and places in history, not interested in healing the wounds of war by freeing us from lies, through Truth.

They are fighting a losing battle. I give you a typical example:

Aaron Breitbart, Senior Research Analyst at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, mentions in conversations and letters that no one takes people like Ernst Zundel and his revisionists seriously --- and then proceeds to direct reporters to books like Deborah Lipstadt's "Denying the Holocaust", because such books deal with people like Zundel, even though in a one-sided, distorted way.

So we have the "Non-Debate-Debate" of what they say we say, and what we allegedly mean!

Nevertheless, the debate grows louder and wider every week! People are getting curious!

Recently it was revealed to me that a well-known American clergyman of great note, author of 12 books and many tapes on religious topics, Dr James McArthur, teaches revisionism in a quiet way, saying that the Holocaust is exaggerated, that fewer than 1.2 million died and those mostly of diseases!

So there are revisionists out there speaking to largc audiences in their millions which we have not even heard about - but they are being listencd to by the millions.

Some of you undoubtedly watch the often freaky infomercials on US television where they are promoting vaccuum cleaners, knives and noodle machines. Well, recently someone on the noodle show lambasted the Holocaust, while millions of people listened, calling the Holocaust a lie and exaggeration.

In Austria two very important court cases were decided in favour of Revisionism.

Long-term readers of my newsletter will remember that the President of the Association of Professional Engineers in Austria, Dr Walter Lueftl, made headlines around the world a few years ago when he said that the gassings in Auschwitz and elsewhere technically implossible! He was promptly charged for trying to "revive Nazism" in Austria, a crime for which he could get up to ten years in jail, like the unfortunate "Gottfried Kuessel", who had said that the Holocaust was untrue and that he would like to see the Nazi Party legalized and allowed to run in Austrian elections, which got him arrested, charged, tried and convicted to 10 years in jall!

So Luefftl's position was a courageous one to take. If I ever get a proper court hearing in Germany, he has promised to be one of my expert witnesses about the "gassing process" from an engineering viewpoint.

Another courageous Austrian, Ingenieur Emil Lachout, who was a witness at my trial and whose testimony about the sensational Mueller Document was very impressive and important, had a case against him which had dragged on for almost 6 years, dropped by the Austrian authorities.

He even had to submit to a mental examination during his ordeal, and Austrian officialdom was particularly nasty to this former boyscout leader and teacher in a Christian school!

You can see - Victories are possible!

Dangers lurk, however, in many places. Thies Christophersen, a witness in my case, was recently the victim of a poisoned-gas attack caused by acid! His car was totally destroyed by sledgehammer blows and thousands of dollars'worth of books were mutilated in his warehouse. Printing presses and camers were damaged beyond repair.

We have had several attacks against our HQ in Toronto in recent weeks. One nice, sunny Saturday afternoon a frenzied mob of Homosexual activists demonstrated outside our building - why'? I don't know why they picked on me.

One night glass bottles were heaved at our building, the culprits remanied well outside the range of our surveilance cameras. The entire neighbourhood has been spray-painted with swastikas and anti-Nazi slogans. One of the local houses has a 60 foot long wall slogan on it, "Ernst Zundel - Nazi - 206 Carlton Street". Others say, "Die Nazi scum", and "Nazis off our streets"!

Local anarchists have had film festivals entitled "Nazi Lies, Video Tapes and Zundel", which showed our TV programme to people of the Left.

North German Television apparently broadcast a show called "The Auschwitz Lie lives", in which my activities were prom*nenly featured!

We continue to draw the ire of the Simon Wiesenthal crowd, and the Holocaust Lobby generally. They are upset by my public advertising campaign in student newspapers and community magazines and hundreds of weekly papers in the USA!

I have been able to plant ads in many publications, due to the generosity of some older senior citizens and some people who remembered me in their Will. Wills, especially, are like "Manna from Heaven" for our work, because it would take sometimes the donations of hundreds of people to make up the sum of a single bequest. We could not have embarked on our worldwide revisionist outreach programme by radio and satellite television, without this unexpected help. I had no idea that some of those good people had put a provision in their Wills - often it was a terse sentence, simply stating "... I leave Ernst Zundel of 206 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 2L 1, $......... dollars." That was all! The rest was simple. Lawyers or relatives called and said, "Mv father thought very highly of you, and wanted you to use the enclosed check in any way you see fit." This enabled me to buy the necessary but expensive radio and television equipment - and above all air time! You have to buy air time to get the message out to millions at an instant. Our regular donations, valuable as they are, simply do not allow us to operate on the scale we have been doing in the past 12 months.

I had stopped asking for people to remember us in their Wills, because some people thought it was cheap and unethical. I don't see it that way! But I was affected by the suggestion of impropriety.

To me a bequest is a monument one can build for oneself and future generations. One bequest last year, for instance, was invaluable and worth much more than money - it was the research papers and library of Dr. William Lindsey, Ph.D., one of my favourite people in this world.

I had driven to his home in Pennsylvania during stormy winter weather and asked , man to man, what would happen to his research papers and books? I knew that no one in his family had the slightest interest in his work. He made out a little Codicil, or addition, to his Will that very weekend while I was still with him, and had it signed by his wife and a witness the morning of my departure!

Tragically, Dr. Lindsey died from the side effects of some Anti-Leukemia medication within a few weeks of my visit. He had even made financial provision that I could rent a minivan and pay the gasoline to pick up the books and papers. All his books bear a label "Donated by Dr. William Lindsey..." He has thus left a legacy to future generations yet unborn.

I have to admit I felt uneasy because of the previously mentioned criticism about this "ghoulish" approach to fund-raising. Since I knew Dr. Lindsey intimately and we were close friends, I undertook the step. He put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eyes, and said quite matter-of-factly, "Ernst, I have no money to leave you. If I could I would leave you a million dollars. You have done so much over the years, and when I observed you during those terrible trials in 1985 and again in 1988, 1 grew to admire you ... The world cannot ever pay you back for all the persecution, abuse, terror and upheavel caused to your life and family..." I was so moved by this that tears welled up in my eyes. We shook hands, embraced and a few weeks later his wife put him on the telephone as he lay dying of a leukemia drug in a hospital. I look today at his books and files before me, and think back in fondness and sadness, and wish that he could have lived to see the rapid progress we are making, on so many fronts - thanks to his "Intellectual bequest", i.e. the knowledge he imparted to me over the years, and his financial help when he was still working. We shared a bond through this work, and had become comrades-in-arms. I miss him frequently.

Thank you for your support over the years. Without your financial help it would not have been possible.

You make the difference!

Access America, the "Uplink Company", which we used to shoot our program up into space, either caved in to pressure from the Jewish Lobby, or was inept and incompetent, or both.

They managed to not uplink our program three times in a one-month period, and were late another time by half-an-hour, so that we lost our audience - since they never uplinked an explanation of their technical difficulties.

I am looking for new stations and will published details shortly!

We will be back! This I guarantee you!

E. Zundel

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