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Nizkor's Correspondence with Other Sites

Nizkor has corresponded with a variety of other web sites, including some sites which deny the Holocaust. Here are indices to some of the correspondence with sites in the latter category:

Be Wise As Serpents

Nizkor pointed out an error of fact on BeWise's web site on August 22, 1995. BeWise thanked us for alerting them to the error, and requested time to research the subject. As of September 11, the error remains on their web site uncorrected, and we have not heard back from them since we last sent them email on August 28.


Nizkor wrote a letter to Stormfront's letters page, requesting that Stormfront include Nizkor in its list of other sites, as Nizkor does for Stormfront. They did print the letter, but neither honored nor commented upon the request.

Ernst Zündel's site

Nizkor wrote email to Ernst Zündel, asking him to pledge to cross-link information on his site with related information on Nizkor, as Nizkor does and will do for him. Much discussion has ensued, even spreading to the pages of Zündel's print newsletter "Power Letter."

Bradley R. Smith's site

Nizkor made a few comments on Mr. Smith's web site, and asked a few questions, on September 24th, 1995.

The Adelaide Institute

Nizkor made a few comments on the Adelaide Institute's web site, and asked two questions, on June 8th, 1996.

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