Open Letter to BeWise

and discussion thereof

On August 22, 1995, Nizkor sent an open letter to the webmaster of the BeWise web site, noting that their web site requests corrections of error of fact, and correcting one such error.

This is an index of the correspondence that has taken place on this subject.

Nizkor's Open Letter, August 22

"I do indeed have information to refute a great deal of the evidence ... which you provide on your web site. I would like to begin the refutation process with one particular, easily-disproved piece of information. [...] What you do with this information, of course, is up to you."

BeWise's Response, August 22

"THANK YOU JAMIE for your response and information! Please allow us some time to 'digest' and research this. We will definitely (God willing) get back to you as soon as we are able. Right now, we are extremely busy but we will try and check this out ASAP."

Nizkor's Response, August 23

"You're quite welcome, and I appreciate your getting back to me so quickly on this. I hope it's not too presumptuous of me to ask what research you did on the original claim about Krakowski when you made it available on your web site in the first place."

BeWise's Response, August 25

"[Samisdat] is probably the only source that we haven't yet had the time to fully check out [...] We would like to post more diverse sources and documents but since we are unable to at this time, we are considering 'scrapping' this section from our Web Site until such time as we can do a more professional job. [...] Please allow us to more fully respond to this and your first post when we can get a spare few minutes :)!! [...] does seem a bit fantastic even for us that he would have said half of 20,000..."

Nizkor's Response, August 28(?)

"'Fully'? Can you give me an example or two of something of Samisdat's claims that you have checked out?"

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