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How does the "Holocaust" story benefit the Jews today?

21. How does the "Holocaust" story benefit the Jews today?

The IHR says:

It removes them from any criticism as a group. It provides a "common bond" with which their leaders can control them. It is instrumental in money-raising campaigns and to justify aid to Israel, totaling about $10 billion per year.

The Samisdat version also adds:

The "big-H" story is designed to shame the Gentile: "Poor Jews! How they do suffer!"

Nizkor replies:

This argument borders on insanity. The US was one of the leading forces in exposing the Holocaust. Did the US invent the Holocaust, so it could later give Israel money?

How about the former Soviet Union? Holocaust-deniers claim that most of the supposedly-forged Holocaust evidence was forged there. One of their more popular books is Porter's The Holocaust: Made in Russia. Yet the Soviet Union was traditionally the enemy of Israel, supporting and arming its enemies.

And who says the memory of the Holocaust is the reason the US gives money to Israel? There were -- and still are -- important strategic reasons for the US to support Israel and to lend its even greater support to Egypt.

Finally, where does the $10 billion per year figure come from? This is a vast exaggeration, as may be seen in the following tables:

Year Aid to Israel Aid to Egypt
In Billions In Billions
1988 $1.831 $3.480
1989 1.902 2.085
1990 4.377 4.977
1991 2.028 2.478
1992 4.746 2.539
1993 2.886 2.734
Total (Six Years) $17.770 $18.293
Source: Readers Digest Almanac and Yearbook (Egypt was the largest recipient during that period, with Israel second.)
Total funds given to Israel, 1945 to 1984, in billions
Loans still owed$9.360

The totally-baseless $10 billion figure has been quietly removed from the revised "66 Q&A." The insulting comment about how the Jews are controlled by their leaders was also struck out. The even-more insulting sarcastic comment about how the Jews "do suffer" is apparently thanks to Ernst Zündel.

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