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Legal References And List Of Documents Relating To Wilhelm Keitel
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*D-569; File of circulars from Reichsfuehrer SS, the OKW, Inspector of Concentration Camps, Chief of Security Police and SD, dating from 29 October 1941 through 22 February 1944, relative to procedure in cases of unnatural death of Soviet PW, execution of Soviet PW, etc. (GB 277). Vol. VII, Pg. 74

*D-730; Statement of PW Walther Grosche, 11 December 1945. (GB 279). Vol. VII, Pg. 177

*D-731; Statement of PW Ernst Walde, 13 December 1945. (GB 278). Vol. VII, Pg. 183

*D-735; Memorandum of conference between German Foreign Minister and Count Ciano in presence of Keitel and Marshal Cavallero, 19 December 1942. (GB 295). Vol. VII, Pg. 190

*D-763; Circular of OKW, 18 August 1944, regarding penal jurisdiction of non-German civilians in Occupied Territories. (GB 300). Vol. VII, Pg. 222

*D-764; Circular of OKW, 18 August 1944, concerning combatting of "terrorists" and "saboteurs" in Occupied Territories and jurisdiction relative thereto. (GB 299). Vol. VII, Pg. 223

*D-765; Directives of OKW, 2 September 1944, regarding offenses by non-German civilians in Occupied Territories. (GB 302). Vol. VII, Pg. 225

*D-766; Circular of OKW, 4 September 1944, regarding offenses by non-German civilians in Occupied Territories. (GB 301). Vol. VII, Pg. 226

*D-767; Memorandum, 13 September 1944, on offenses by non- German civilians in Occupied Territories. (GB 303). Vol. VII, Pg. 228

*D-769; Telegram signed by Gen. Christiansen, 21 September 1940, relative to application of capital punishment in connection with Railway strike in Holland. (GB 304). Vol. VII, Pg. 229

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*D-770; Circular, 24 September 1944, on offenses of non- German civilians in Occupied Territories. (GB 305). Vol. VII, Pg. 229

*D-774; Directive of Chief of OKW to German Foreign Office at Salzburg, on treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers, 14 June 1944. (GB 307). Vol. VII, Pg. 231

*D-775; Draft of directive, 14 June 1944, from OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe", regarding treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 308). Vol. VII, Pg. 232

*D-776; Draft of directive of Chief of OKW, 15 June 1944, to German Foreign Office at Salzburg, concerning treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 309). Vol. VII, Pg. 233

*D-777; Draft of directive, 15 June 1944, from OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe" concerning treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 310). Vol. VII, Pg. 234

*D-779; Letter from Reichsmarshal to Chief of OKW, 19 August 194, regarding treatment of- Allied "Terrorist"- flyers. (GB 312). Vol. VII, Pg. 235

*D-780; Draft of communication from Ambassador Ritter, Salzburg, to Chief of OKW, 20 June 1944, on treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 313). Vol. VII, Pg. 236

*D-781; Note of OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe", 23 June 1944, regarding treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 314). Vol. VII, Pg. 239

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*D-782; Note from German Foreign Office, Salzburg, 25 June 1944, to OKW. (GB 315). Vol. VII, Pg. 239

*D-783; Note of a telephone communication, 26 June 1944, with regard to treatment of "Terrorist"-aviators. (GB 316). Vol. VII, Pg. 240

*D-784; Note from Operation Staff of OKW signed Warlimont, 30 June 1944, concerning treatment of Allied "Terrorist"- flyers. (GB 317). Vol. VII, Pg.240

*D-785; Note from OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe", 4 July 1944, concerning "Terror"-flyers. (GB 318). Vol. VII, Pg. 241

*D-786; Note, 5 July 1944, on "Terror"-flyers. (GB 319). Vol. VII, Pg. 242

*EC-177; Minutes of second session of Working Committee of the Reich Defense held on 26 April 1933. (USA 390). Vol. VII, Pg. 328

*EC-194; Secret memorandum of Keitel concerning use of prisoners of war in the war industry, 31 October 1941. (USA 214). Vol. VII, Pg. 336

*EC-286; Correspondence between Schacht and Goering, March- April 1937, concerning price control. (USA 833). Vol. VII, Pg. 380

EC-338; Memorandum of 15 September 1941 from Canaris to Keitel concerning an OKW Order regulating the treatment of Soviet prisoners of war. Vol. VII, Pg. 411

*EC-406; Minutes of Eleventh Meeting of Reichs Defense Council, 6 December 1935. (USA 772). Vol. VII, Pg. 455

*EC-407; Minutes of Twelfth Meeting of Reichs Defense Council, 14 May 1936. (GB 247). Vol. VII, Pg. 462

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**L-3; Contents of Hitler's talk to Supreme Commander and Commanding Generals, Obersalzberg, 22 August 1939. (USA 28) Referred to but not offered in evidence.). Vol. VII, Pg. 752

*L-52; Memorandum and Directives for conduct of war in the West, 9 October 1939. (USA 540). Vol. VII, Pg. 800

*L-79; Minutes of conference, 23 May 1939, "Indoctrination on the political situation and future aims". (USA 27). Vol. VII, Pg.847

*L-90; Fuehrer decree, February 1942, concerning prosecution of offenses in Occupied Territory; "First Ordinance" signed by Keitel for execution of the directive; memorandum of 12 December 1941,signed by Keitel. (USA 503). Vol. VII, Pg. 871

*L-158; Circular letter from SIPO and SD Commander of Radom District, 28 March 1944, concerning measures to be taken against escaped officers and non-commissioned officer PWs. (USA 514). Vol. VII, Pg. 906

L-179; Letter from RSHA to police officials, 5 November 1942, concerning criminal procedure against Pole and members of Eastern people. Vol. VII, Pg. 976

*L-211; OKW circular entitled Direction of War as Problem of Organization, 19 April 1938. (GB 161). Vol. VII, Pg. 1043

*L-221; Bormann report on conference of 16 July 1941, concerning treatment of Eastern populations and territories. (USA 317). Vol. VII, Pg. 1086

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*R-100; Minutes of instructions given by Hitler to General von Brauchitsch on 25 March 1939. (USA 121). Vol. VIII, Pg. 83

*UK-20; Keitel Order on treatment of supporters of De Gaulle who fight for Russians, 26 May 1943. (GB 163). Vol. VIII, Pg. 538

*UK-57; Keitel directives, 4 January 1944 and 21 April 1944, concerning counteraction to Kharkov show trial. (GB 164). Vol. VIII, Pg. 539

*UK-66; Report of British War Crimes Section of Allied Force Headquarters on German reprisals for partisan activity in Italy. (GB 274). Vol. VIII, Pg. 572

Affidavit A; Affidavit of Erwin Lahousen, 21 January 1946, substantially the same as his testimony on direct examination before the International Military Tribunal at Nurnberg 30 November 1945 and 1 December 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg. 587

Affidavit I; Affidavit of Leopold Buerkner, 22 January 1946. Vol. VIII, Pg. 647

Statement III; The Origin of the Directives of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, by Wilhelm Keitel, Nurnberg, 15 September 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg. 669

Statement IV; The Position and Powers of the Chief of the OKW, by Wilhelm Keitel, Nurnberg, 9 October 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg. 672

Statement V; Notes Concerning Actions of German Armed Forces During the War and in Occupied Territory, by Wilhelm Keitel, Nurnberg, 19 October 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg. 678

Statement: VI; The Relationship Between Canaris and Keitel, by Erwin Lahousen, Nurnberg, 23 October 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg. 682

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Statement IX; My Relationship to Adolf Hitler and to the Party, by Erich Raeder, Moscow, fall 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg. 707

**Chart No. 7; Organization of the Wehrmacht 1938-1945. (Enlargement displayed to Tribunal.). Vol. VIII, Pg. 776

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