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The Lachout Document
Anatomy of a Forgery

Austrian Resistance Archives, 1990

G. Lachout's Alleged Role with the
"Military Police Service"

Lachout signed the "document" as "lieutenant". He was only twenty years old at the time. He was too young to have had such a rank. Moreover, there were no Austrian officers among the Allied Powers, unless that person had already volunteered as an emigrant to serve with the troops of his country of exile during the war. It was impossible to "moonlight" with an Allied authority while at the same time being a civil servant of the City of Vienna as Lachout supposedly did. To serve in a non-Austrian military organization also meant automatic forfeiture of one's Austrian citizenship.

An officer's appointment needs several years of intensive training. Even during the war, officer's training lasted more than a year and as a rule required a high-school diploma. Lachout says that he got his Austrian highschool diploma in 1946. The DOEW has, therefore, concluded in its court rebuttal that "Lachout's claims must be ... qualified as obviously false."[32]

Lachout could never have served as a member of an Austrian executive body (police, gendarmerie, B-gendarmerie) in a "Military Police Service", because he never belonged to an Austrian executive body after 1945.[33] Furthermore, moonlighting for an Allied organization would have been inconceivable.[34]

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