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Adolf Hitler
by Alois Hitler

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Adolph Hitler by Alois Hitler - New York American, November 30, 1930

Alois left home when Adolph was eleven years old. Up to that time Adolph had been his mother's favorite. He was a very likable boy and the soul of generosity. He was always a dreamer and was as far removed free anything practical as the sun is from the moon. He always kept to himself a great deal and spent most of his time reading, drawing or painting. It is not true that his father opposed his becoming an artist. Both his father and mother wanted him to be an artist if that is what he really wanted and they helped him as much as their limited means allowed.

Adolph and Paula (his younger sister) were the children of his father's cousin. Adolph's father died when he was about thirteen years old. After the death of his mother Adolph could have continued his education at the expense of the State by virtue of being the orphan of a customs Official. But he never cared for school and while he was there he never mixed much with the other children. He preferred to sit apart with his books rather then to join in the boisterous games with other boys. When his mother died he took his younger sister Paula and want to Vienna. "He had been accustomed to a comparatively easy life; it had become a grim struggle against pitiless poverty." He swept streets, etc., in order to earn enough money to buy food for Paula and himself.

He left Vienna early in 1912 and obtained work in Munich as a house painter and decorator. During the war, he was gassed which resulted in his being blind for about three months.

"His faith in humanity was shattered by his friends' betrayal in the Munich Putsch."

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