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Showdown in Vienna
Martin Fuchs, 1939

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At first Hitler had his Austrian "guest" shown alone into his study, where he received him in a very excited and aggressive manner. Guido Behaldt and the Chancellor's general adjutant were made to wait in the ante room with von Ribbentrop and [unreadable] For a long time Hitler did not allow the visitor to speak but himself poured forth a flood of complaints, accusations and protests. If it had been left to him personally and to the dictates of his feelings he would never have arranged this meeting, he stressed. He could not have any friendly feelings, any respect or any trust for these men who were at that time representing before the world the country of his birth, Austria.

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Hitler warned the Head of the Austrian Government not to reckon on outside assistance, which gave him the opportunity of giving his detailed views of the political situation in the world.... As the Austrian Chancellor attempted to speak again, Hitler went on quickly: "I know. You're thinking of Mussolini.

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