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An Interview With Albert Grzesinski


Report on Interview with Mr Albert Grzesinski

(Former police president of Berlin; author of the book: "Inside Germany") Interview took place on May 8th, 1943

With regard to his former important position it seemed rather surprising how little information Mr. G. had to give. He gave, however, the impression that he told less than he knew.

Asked by Dr. L. whether he had no police file on Hitler, whether, for instance, he never tried to get some information of this kind from the Vienna police, he denied ever having had any file and explained that a) Hitler was no Prussian, and b) that he seemed so unimportant, anyhow .... "there were so many nationalistic parties like his.. "

He confirmed that Hitler, in order to be made a German citizen was made "Gendarme" of Hildburghausen.

Asked by Miss Lehmann whether his men who were obliged to attend Hitler meetings were influence, he denied rather emphatically. It did not impress them at all, he asserted.

He had heard rumors to the effect that parties had been given at the Chancellery - after the rise to power - with young men and boys as "objects". Rumors unconfirmed.

To his opinion Hitler is actively bisexual.

Grzesinski's most important statement seems to be the following: According to him Hitler's sloppy attire which he used to don for meetings was conscious propaganda, carefully planned to impress the masses.

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