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The Zündel Affair

Manuel Prutschi


Zündel's Creed

"The Hitler We Loved and Why" is the title of a 120-page (text and photographs) soft-cover book co-authored by a certain Christof Friedrich, who, of course, was none other than Ernst Zündel. The journalist Mark Bonokoski blew Zündel's cover in a Toronto Sun column of April 19. 1978. showing that Zündel, using his middle names Christof Friedrich, had produced, with Eric Thomson, this panegyric work, published by White Power Publications, of Reedy, West Virginia. White Power is headed by George Dietz, who is also the editor and publisher of The Liberty Bell.

Zündel, in his interview with Bonokoski, neither confirmed nor denied that he was Christof Friedrich, but Dietz definitely told Bonokoski that Zündel and Friedrich were one and the same. Furthermore, on the day after Bonokoski's column appeared, Zündel openly admitted that he was Christof Friedrich in an interview with David Schatsky on CBC radio.[94]

In February 1977, The Liberty Bell reviewed "The Hitler We Loved and Why" as follows: "(Friedrich) leaves no doubt about it. Hitler was well loved and loved in return, but this relationship between the Leader and his people was not the gushy, sickly-sweet effusion of an obese Jewish mother for her pimply, draft-dodging son. This was Aryan love. Strong, steady and uplifting."[95] Hitler is portrayed as a revered saint and holy man. a godly messiah who had rescued Germany with the salvationist ideology of white supremacy. Out of the rubble of a nation laid waste by the Jews, the Fuehrer built an orderly, corruption-free, economically vibrant, and morally pure society in which "our men were manly and our women feminine," and "nutrition came before profit; quality before quantity."[96]

Everyone was properly cared for in this Nazi utopia, including the animals (even in wartime, it seems, there were ration cards for dogs as well as people). The disabled, however, did not fare as well, since Hitler devised a eugenic solution for them. Nor, according to 'Friedrich,' "were idiots, morons and imbeciles possible under National Socialism, simply because such sorry specimens were not allowed to reproduce."[97] Unashamedly, medical certificates of fitness or unfitness for child-bearing in the Third Reich are reproduced. "For... National Socialism is simply the application of Nature's Laws to politics," and "Hitler, the artist and designer, designed a society for loving human beings, not plastic dummies."[98] Through this great struggle, the white Germanic messiah prevented "the end of White Civilization."

Even in defeat, therefore, "we loved him because his spiritual presence prevented our sufferings and sorrows from overwhelming us."[99] Friedrich's book concludes on a lofty note. Today, Hitler's spirit "soars beyond the shores of the White Man's home in Europe. Wherever we are, he is with us. WE LOVE YOU. ADOLPH HITLER!" Hitler has transcended death. He is a type of risen German Christ, a faith-figure in the eyes of his disciples. To have loved him in the past is to love him in the present and future, since Hitler is the same yesterday, today and forever. "The Hitler We Loved and Why" is Zündel's personal creed and a revelation of his soul. It provides us with a spiritual clue to the inner man.



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