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Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm claims to be the director of a group called "Canadian Association of Free Expression". While the name sounds innocuous, the truth is darker.

According to investigative journalist Russ Bellant, Fromm helped found the Canadian neo-Nazi organization Western Guard. In a 1983 interview with a Toronto Star reporter, Fromm was caught dissembling. He said he "never had any connection" with the Western Guard, but the Star account revealed that Fromm himself had had a letter published in the Star in February 1973 that stated "... in May, 1972, many members, myself included, left the Western Guard...". Asked to explain the discrepancy, Fromm said in a Star interview that it was "a matter of semantics".

In Julian Sher's 1983 account of the Ku Klux Klan, Fromm is reported as saying that belief of a supreme race "is a good idea." Remarks like this caused him to be kicked out of the federal Progressive Conservative Party.

In September 1991, the Star reported that Fromm was ejected from a Toronto meeting on race relations after he blurted out, "Scalp them," while a native Canadian was speaking.

In April 1992, the Star reported on Fromm's 1990 speech before the Heritage Front, a neo-Nazi organization advocating white supremacy. According to the Star, Fromm told the neo-Nazi group, "We're all on the same side." Fromm later claimed in a Star article that he hadn't known about the Heritage Front's neo-Nazi views. But Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress disputes this. "He had to know," Farber said. "There was a Nazi flag with swastikas, about 10 feet long and 5 feet tall, just to his right. Furthermore, just a few months after the Star article came out, Fromm spoke again before the same group."

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