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Hitler Source Book
Blood & Banquets
by Bella Fromm

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Fromm,Bella: Blood and Banquets.1942

Police Commander Heimannsberg ... told me a peculiar story: "When Hitler held his recent speech in the Sports-Palast,vice police president, Bernhard Weiss, and I had the meeting watched and controlled by a troop of especially reliable and trustworthy policemen. The next day a police officer came to report at my headquarters. A man of whose integrity and Republican convictions I was almost a hundred percent sure. He had been posted by the entrance gate when Hitler arrived. When Hitler alighted from his car he evidently mistook the Republican giant for one of the bodyguards assigned to his personal protection. He strutted up to him and grabbed his hand.While holding it in his famous,straight- forward,he-man grip, he gazed into the police officer's eye with that fatal hypnotizing and irresistible glare, which swept the poor officer right off his feet. Clicking to attention, he confessed to me this morning: "Since last night I am a National Socialist. Hell Hitler!"

Everyone watched Hitler. The Corporal seemed to be ill at ease, awkward and moody. His coattails embarrassed him. Again and again his hand fumbled for the encouraging support of his sword belt. Each time he missed the familiar cold and bracing support, his uneasiness grew. He crumpled his handkerchief, tugged it, rolled it, just plain stage fright.

The scene was a brilliant one, and in all the large company there were but two Jewish women. Maria Chintchuck and Elisabeth Cernuti, the wives of the Russian and Italian ambassadors.The former was seated next to Francois Poncet, French Ambassador. The other-call it the playful malevolence of fate,if you wish- fiund [sic] herself seated next to the Reichskanzler.

Fromm, Bella: Blood and Banquets. pp.36,75.

[handwritten: March 17, 1933]

"I play the piano for Hitler late into the night", he told proudly, "when he has his insomnia spells."

I did not say:"Who cares?"

I was told that Hitler has some sort of emotional fondness for the giant with the oversized hands. Just as he has for his old friend Ernst Roehm. The household staff, and adjutants say: "Putz was with Hitler all night. Piano playing,they say..."

I have never believed the rumours of homosexuality that have been spread about Hitler. I rather believe, and many people have felt the same way, that he is asexual, or perhaps impotent, finding a sexual sublimation through cruelty. They take private films of an especially gruesome nature in concentration camps. Films that only the Fuehrer sees. These are rushed to him and shown, night after night.

0casionally Hitler's interest in a woman may be aroused; he may feel attracted by her charm-but that is all.His emotions culminate in a kind of jealousy caused by his sense of frustration, in the knowledge that he cannot respond normally.

Fromm,Bella:Blood and Banquets.1942. pp.9O

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Each woman crossing his path has been frightened out of her wits by Hitler,whose reaction to the woman of his choice is a morose effort to hurt her feelings.He screams at her,he rages.He provokes scenes about a trifle.He tortures the woman,treating her as if she were his personal prisoner.The case of his niece,Geli Raubal,is the perfect example.Aware that he could not love her as a normal man would love a woman, he kept her locked in a room, treated her as if she were a dangerous criminal, and finally shot her down one night in a fit of mad jealously against a phantom rival.

Hitler is inordinately fond of motion pictures.He spends many hours every night in his private movie room. It takes two or three full-length pictures a night to satisfy him. Once after seeing a picture in which Felix Bressart appeared,the Fuehrer said: "This fellow is wonderful.A pity he is a Jew.

Fromm:Bella: Blood and Banquets. 1942 .pp 90 .91.

_March (?)O,1933.:

Adolf paused. A plain-looking little man.The coattails well-cut, in fact,better cut than the head,which seems out of drawing, as if it did not belong with the rest of him. The last time I saw him his suit was not so well-fitting.New tailors go along with new jobs .The better the job,the better the tailor.

Behind Adolf loomed a huge, uncouth figure-his Adjutant,Oberleutnant Brueckner .At the Lieutenant's side appeared the elegant figure of Hans Thomsen. His suave elegance threw the clumsiness of the Fuehrer and his Adjutant into rather tawdry relief.

Papen, in his flustered state,had been neglecting his duties.He was dashing from group to group to spread the news of the Fuehrer's arrival when he should have been at the door to welcome the illustrious visitor.I saw Adolf throw a glance in "Tommy's" direction for a cue as to just what to do next. Then I saw him try out the slippery floor with a tentative Nazi toe.Gathering his resources, his coattails flapping and his body moving forward dynamically,he dashed right in the direction our group.

My first impulse was the animal one of self-preservation. I wanted to scramble away.But already the Fuehrer was bent over Martha von Papen's shaking hand. I could see Mammi trembling in anticipation of her turn. My actions spoiled it for her,however. My attemtata [sic] retreat had attracted Adolf's attention from Mammi. He. came to me.I was rooted to the spot.

"May I have the pleasure of bidding you good evening, gnaedige Frau?"he cooed.He seized my hand,pressed it to his lips,and presented me, gratis,with one of his famous hypnotic glances. It did not seem to work on me.I felt only a slight nausea.The fact is,I could not even feel that he was a member of the other sex.

Fromm, Bella:Blood and Banquets.1942.pp.95.96.

"Are yo having a good time ?"I was,I told him.

"Where did yo gain these decorations?"

They were from the World War, for my services with the Red Cross.

Fromm, Bella:Blood and Banquets,1942.p.96.

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"You enjoy being here?" I said I did,but that, in addition, it was my job,as I was diplomatic columnist for the Ullstein papers.

I saw Hitler wince.The word "Ullstei."rang an unpleasant bell in in some noisome depth of his mind.Another kiss on my hand."Hope to see you again soon." He was off.

Fromm,Bella:Blood and banquets, 1942. pp. (?)6

I followed Adolf with my eyes everywhere,not wanting to miss any of his debut.There comes a sudden flash into his eyes that leaves one chilled. It reveals the diabolical and sadistic streak in Hitler's twisted make-up.A glimpse of this expression leaves one no doubt as to the hopelessness of expecting any humane understanding or mercy from this bellowing, blustering,dangerous egoist who obviously cloaks his inferiority complex with his cruel despotism. In talking to people you got the impression that he was addressing an audience.The most casual remark was delivered as though to a mass meeting.His gestures appeared as studied, and as unnatural,as those of a ham actor.

He was no awe-inspiring personality.He gabe [sic] no impression of dignity.He was indifferent to whom he talked or which group he joined.He was self-conscious and inferior in attitude.He. did not know what to do with his hands.He clung to his handkerchief or pushed his geady [sic] forelock from his brow.The forelock glistened under the elaborate care his Major-domo,fat Gustav Kannenberg- formerly owner of a famous Berlin wine tavern.

Hitler's eagerness to obtain the good graces of the princes present was subject to much comment.He bowed and clicked and all but knelt in his zeal to please oversized,ugly Princess Luise von Sachsen- Meiningen her brother,hereditary Prince George,and their sister,Grand Duchess of Sachsen-Weimar.

Beaming in his servile attitude he dashed personally to bring the princesses' refreshments from the buffet. He almost slid off the edge of his chair after they had offered him a seat in their most gracious company.Papen found the most exquisite delicacies to feed his Fuehrer. Hitler nibbled a lettuce leaf.He sipped orange juice.Everything else remained untouched.Of course,Hitler is know to be a vegetarian. But is there is another reason for his public abstinence ? Kannenberg told me recently: "The Fuehrer does not eat a bite unless my wife has prepared and cooked it. And even then one of us has to taste it first before his eyes.

Upon the arrival of the immensely rich Prince Ratibor- Corvey and his two daughters,Hitler was again overwhelmed.The princesses' mother is a granddaughter of Pauline Metternich.Ratibor is one of the best-paying members of the party.The young princesses reacted with proper show of pleasure to his hand kissing and his piercing glance.

Fromm, Bella,Blood and Banquets ,1942.pp.96.97.

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October 8,1933 I thought you could get anything you wanted from Hitler." Leni blushed,which she has learned how to do with good effect."Oh it isn't what you think.He asks me to dinner a couple of times a week,but always' sends me away at a quarter to eleven because he is tired."

Fromm, Bella:Blood and Banquets, 1942.p .131.

December 17. 1933.

When, after Gigli's first song, the applause had died down,in expectation of the next aria, applause set in from Box No.7. Violent applause! Hitler is a good actor. Gigli was forgotten.The entire audience, so well-behaved and composed as a rule,broke into a frenzy of ovation.Little bunches of violets were flung into Box No.7.People climbed on chairs and bannisters to get a better glimpse of their Fuehrer.

Fromm, Bella: Blood and Banquets, 1942.p.143.

The adjoining box,very much to his annoyance, was taken by Victoria von Dirksen.Hitler is said to be sick and tired of finding himself so frequently next to "that old hag."

Fromm;Bella:Blood and Banquets,1942, p. 143. December 17,1933.

August 4,1934.:Rolf is back from the Bayreuth festival. I had dinner with him and he told me the gossip.

"We could always tell when Hitler was coming to a performance because the S.S.and plainclothesmen would be spread carefully throughout the audience. He arrived,as a rule,when the house lights had gone down. He would be with his staff, and Winifred Wagner. She has a hard time of it with her children,they say. Especially with"Mausi",as Friedelind is called,who refused to join the Hitler Maidens,and who has taken something of a dislike to Hitler.Children see certain things rather clearly.

Fromm, Bella:Blood and Banquets, 1942.p.177.

April 12, 1935, (Goering) :The wedding party at the Kaiserhof comprised 33O persons high in government and army circles,with Hitler,of course,the focal point of most eyes.The dinner was fabulous.Wines at ten dollars a bottle.As the courses followed one another, each more sumptuous than the last,Hitler grew ever more silent and morose. The barbaric splendor seemed to outrage him. After dinner he rose to deliver a little speech. By that time he had worked himself into such a temper that he could hardly conceal his rage.Getting to his feet,his chair slid from under him with such violence that it knocked down a crystal floor lamp,

Fromm, Bella,Blood and Banquets,1942.p.195.

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(April 12,1935.Goering)which fell with a loud crash. The whole scene operated like clockwork. Crash!Bang! At the same time,four doors, cleverly camouflaged in the wall panels,were flung open, revealing S .S .men, guns drawn, ready to leap .At Himmler's wink the invisible doors closed.The vanished.Hitler cleared his throat for the wedding toast.

Fromm, Bella,Blood and Banquets,1942.p.195.

July 12,1937.:Had luncheon with Rolf at the Kaiserhof. In the lobby we met Kannenberg,who is now employed in the Fuehrer's household. We are old patrons of Kannenberg's wine tavern at Dorotheenstrasse. The fat old man's face beamed in recognition of old cash customers.

"Being in the in the Fuehrer's employ has improved your waistline , "I remarked. " He picked the winning side,"said Rolf.

Kannenberg glanced around uneasily. "I had to close the joint,"he said,"business was so lousy.You think it's easy, what my wife and I have to go through now? Just you try to get up a daily menu under such circumstances! The Fuehrer, as you know, does not eat any meat. Very little fish. And there are many vegetables he does not like. You have to be a magician!"

He looked around quickly again. "But I'm not supposed to talk about it.It's a criminal offense for us to talk about anything that is connected with his private life."

Rolf regarded his girth. "How much of the food do you have to eat before Hitler believes you won't poison him?"

Kannenberg colored."That's not funny. You have no idea how careful we have to be. When my wife prepares his meals, no one is allowed to approach within ten yards of the pots.

Then, sooto voce [sic], "As though anybody would want to eat that insipid stuff."

Fromm, Bella,Blood and Banquets,1942.p.128,249.

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