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Partners in Bigotry
The LaRouche Cult & the Nation of Islam


Both the NOI and the LaRouche cult are likely to continue their joint attacks on Jews and Jewish organizations. Each is using the other to further its own ends, both are seeking to expand their base of support and seeking allies and ammunition against the ADL, which has consistently monitored and exposed their extremism and anti-Semitism.

Neither the Nation of Islam nor the LaRouche cult are choosy about the company they keep. Both have rubbed shoulders with terrorist states abroad and bigots and extremists at home. Unembarrassed by this record, the two have been quick to accuse the "Anti-Defamation League of being the new Ku Klux Klan." Yet it is their hatemongering, scapegoating and conspiratorial propaganda - as well as their associations with Klansmen and other[s of] that ilk -- which brings to mind the KKK.

Deciphering the Nation of Islam and the LaRouche cult slogan, "Is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) The New Ku Klux Klan?" requires a trip to their upside-down "Through the Looking Glass" world. Few will mistake it for reality.


[1] Radical groups include several with ties to Libya, notably domestic revolutionary terrorist group (see below). The NOI has also enjoyed a close relationship with the El Rukn gang in Chicago, which terrorized the South Side of the city for nearly a generation with murder, drug trafficking and protection rackets. More recently, NOI figures have reportedly tried to broker a truce between the rival Crips and Bloods in Los Angeles.

[2] These and other anti-Semitic works - including Tony Martin's The Jewish Onslaught and Martin Luther's The Jews and Their Lies - have been sold at Farrakhan's appearances as recently as March 1994 when Farrakhan gave a speech in Palm Beach, Fla.

[3] Metzger and his son were held civilly liable in a suit brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL for the 1988 murder of a young Ethiopian immigrant in Portland, who was beaten to death by neo-Nazi Skinheads incited by a WAR recruiter.

[4] The NOl's cohorts at these pro-Libyan demonstrations included a domestic terrorist group the Republic of New Afrika, a revolutionary black separatist organization whose members have robbed armored cars and murdered police officers. Other demonstrators, also veterans of travel to Tripoli, included the American Indian Movement, a leader of which is in prison for the murders of two FBI agents, the radical-left, anti-Semitic All-African People's Revolutionary Party, and the New Alliance Party, a left-wing psychotherapy cult which is also anti-Semitic.

[5] In recent months the cult's publications have praised and defended Farrakhan and his followers, and highlighted the relationship between the groups.

[6] The Ugly Truth has been sold at NOI events. LaRouche followers have also distributed the booklet and other materials at resent appearances by Khalid Abdul Muhammad and other figures, haranguing people as they waited in line to enter the hall.

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